15 million degrees celsius reached by Tokamak Energy

For the first time in history, a temperature reaching 15 million degrees Celsius has been reached – hotter than the Sun’s core – during privately funded UK research, Tokamak Energy. 

Through merging compression, the ST40 device was able to release plasma rings, involving high electric currents within internal coils, causing magnetic reconnection, in turn creating heat. This process is said to place high demands on the system and therefore uses complex electrical engineering process. 

Despite all this, however, the 15 million degrees celsius mark is still quite far from the ultimate goal, which currently stands at 100million degrees in order to achieve thermonuclear fusion on Earth. 

“We are taking significant steps towards achieving fusion energy, doing so with the agility of a private venture, driven by the goal of achieving something that will have huge benefits worldwide,” said CEO Jonathan Carling.

“Reaching 15 million degrees is yet another indicator of the progress at Tokamak Energy and a further validation of our approach. Our aim is to make fusion energy a commercial reality by 2030. We view the journey as a series of engineering challenges, raising additional investment on reaching each new milestone.”

You can read more here on The Engineer.

Photo Credit: The Engineer





June 8, 2018



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