First prosthetic hand with sensations successfully implanted

A patient with an amputated hand in Sweden has received the first prosthetic, fitted with tactile sensations, researched and developed by Dr Max Ortiz, alongside other key universities such as Essex University.

The new prosthetic hand is said to allow recipients to have greater levels of dexterity, not to mention the new ability to feel. It is able to do this by using titanium implants to send electrodes that mimic the ability to feel, sending the identical information to the brain.

This is a significant breakthrough in the medical field as current prosthetic hands can only manage a limited amount of movements, such as opening and closing the hand, as well ass a limited amount of sensory feedback.

Following this procedure, the patient is now learning how to load the hand alone within a rehabilitation program, with two more patients so to follow them.

You can read more here: The Engineer

Photo Credit: The Engineer





February 7, 2019



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