New Robotic Neck Brace to support ALS

Engineers and Neurologists in Columbia have worked together to develop a new robotic neck brace which is said to dramatically help those suffering with ALS, in a way which no other device has done before. 

People with ALS can lost completely lose all mobility of the head, but with this device, their heads can be held in a specific position as well as actively aiding their range of motion. 

The neck brace contains sensors and actuators which not only can help the original position of the head, but can also restore up to 70% of the range of the human head. This is achieved by measurements recorded by the sensors and surface EMG of Electromyography on the neck muscles. 

“The brace would also be useful to modulate rehabilitation for those who have suffered whiplash neck injuries from car accidents or have from poor neck control because of neurological diseases such as cerebral palsy,” Agrawal said in a statement.

“In the next phase of our research, we will characterise how active assistance from the neck brace will impact ALS subjects with severe head drop to perform activities of daily life,” said Agrawal. “For example, they can use their eyes as a joystick to move the head-neck to look at loved ones or objects around them.”

You can read more here: The Engineer

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August 16, 2019



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