Newly developed brain tumour blood test.

Combining infrared and AI, a new blood test which can accurately detect cancer at 87% has been developed by a team of researchers at the University of Strathclyde.

Brain tumours have always been hard to detect and diagnose due to their symptoms, such as headaches and memory loss, being associated with a number of different ailments. This new blood test is said to help doctors rapidly diagnose patients and can characterise the biochemical profile. 

“This is the first publication of data from our clinical feasibility study and it is the first demonstration that our blood test works in the clinic,” said research lead Dr Matthew Baker, chief scientific officer at ClinSpec Diagnostics and reader in Strathclyde’s Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

“Earlier detection of brain tumours in the diagnostic pathway brings the potential to significantly improve patient quality of life and survival, whilst also providing savings to the health services.”

“Diagnosing brain tumours is difficult, leading to delays and frustration for lots of patients,” said Dr Paul Brennan, senior clinical lecturer and consultant neurosurgeon at the University of Edinburgh, which is a partner in the study.

“With this new test, we have shown that we can help doctors quickly identify which patients with these non-specific symptoms should be prioritised for urgent brain imaging. This means a more rapid diagnosis for people with a brain tumour, and quicker access to treatment.”

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October 11, 2019



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