One step closer to preventing epileptic seizures

For some time, those who have been diagnosed with Epilepsy have relied on drug treatments to prevent all ranges of epileptic seizures. However, with these drugs not being fully effective, as well as bringing many side effects, the Cambridge University’s Department of Engineering, alongside two French institutions, have begun developing a new treatment which hopes to be safer and more reliable.

Together, they have created a flexible electronic implant which can be inserted into the brain to not only sense when an epileptic seizure is about to start, but then prevents it from occurring by releasing a drug, directed at the source of the seizure. 

Currently still in animal testing, this new feature provides much hope, not only for sufferers of Epilepsy but also other neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease as the technology could be adapted to treat other disorders. 

You can read more here: The Engineer

Photo Credit: The Engineer 





August 31, 2018



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