Reaction Engines invested in by Boeing HorizonX Ventures and Rolls-Royce

After developing hybrid engine blending jet and rocket technology, Reaction Engines have now secured backing from Rolls-Royce and Boeing HorizonX Ventures, raising them £26.5m in the process.

The two will join the BAE systems which invested in Reaction Engines for £20.6m back in 2015. As well as investing further, Reaction Engines will also be invested by Baillie Gifford Asset Management and Woodford Investment and will also be anticipating further investments from other financial institutions.

This funding will be used to develop Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine (also known as SABRE). SABRE is said to be capable of Mach 5 in air-breathing mode and Mach 25 for space flight in rocket mode. Through SABRE, an ultra-lightweight heat exchanger has been developed which has been designed to stop an engine from overheating at high speeds which improves hypersonic flights and space.

“These new partners bring invaluable expertise in both hypersonics and engine technologies with significant access to target markets,” said the chief executive of Reaction Engines. “This is not only a vote of confidence in our technology but also underlines belief in our ability to develop a thriving commercial business which will provide strong financial returns for our shareholders.”

You can read more about the SABRE program here in The Engineer.

Photo Credit: The Engineer





April 13, 2018



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