Real Time Sweat Monitor has launched

Sweati, alongside the Imperial College London, have developed and now launched their non-invasive device. The new real-time sweat monitor can track glucose, lactate and hydration, by using microfluidics and chip technology.

The device itself is relatively small, fitting in the palm of your hand and about two credit cards in thickness and has been designed with athletes, soldiers and diabetics in mind.

“Imagine a device that will be able to tell you when to fuel, when to hydrate and what pace to run at,” said Sweati founder and CEO James Mayo. “That means no more hitting the dreaded ‘wall’ whilst running a marathon. Sweati will make working out enjoyable and efficient.

“For diabetics, it would mean no more blood draws interrupting their day as the patch will continuously send them notifications. Every member of society will be able to maximise their personal performance, but crucially for members of the military, we have the ability to save lives with no more heat casualties.”

Similar to smart watches, the device is capable of sending updates and notifications to an app on a connected smartphone and can update as often as every 10 seconds.

“Sweat measurement is the final frontier in body sensing technology,” said Mayo. “The opportunity to measure non-invasively (without a needle) and continuously in an environment where the consumer wants more and more information is enormous.”

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April 5, 2019



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