Sight Saving Technology from a new low cost OCT Scanner

A new redesigned, 3D Printed Spectrometer may become the next low-cost portable OCT Scanner which would have the ability to save sight. It currently weighs 15 times lighter then a standard commercial system and costs less than a tenth of the current price.

Since the current commercial are so expensive, they cannot be used as regularly to help treat macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

“The key to preventing blindness is early detection,” said Adam Wax, professor of biomedical engineering at Duke. “Our goal is to make OCT drastically less expensive so more clinics can afford the devices, especially in global health settings.”

“Right now OCT devices sit in their own room and require a PhD scientist to tweak them to get everything working just right,” said Wax. “Ours can just sit on a shelf in the office and be taken down, used and put back without problems. We’ve scanned people in a Starbucks with it.”

You can read more here: The Engineer

Photo Credit: The Engineer





July 5, 2019



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