The 2018 MacRobert Award goes to…

This year’s Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award was presented to Cambridge firm, Owlstone Medical. The award was given for their work and development of a breath sampler, known as the ReCIVA, which is said to have the potential to save a vast quantity of lives – not to mention the $1.5 billion that could be saved in healthcare across the world. 

Using microchip chemical sensor technology, the ReCIVA is said to be able to analyse even the smallest change in Volatile Organic Compounds, which can suggest the early signs of a variety of diseases, including cancer. Currently developing tests for lunch and colorectal cancer – the two most common types of cancer killers, the ReCIVA is currently under clinical trials with the NHS & Cancer Research.

Diagnosis, however, is not the sole aim of the breath sampler. Due to its nature, the ReCIVA can also be used as a way to prescribe and give medication, which not only can cut healthcare costs, but can also allow better monitoring and treatment dosage of patients who require it. 

The award was presented by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, with Owlstone Medical also receiving £50,000 at the Tower of London on 27th June. 

You can read more about this year’s award here: The Engineer

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July 6, 2018



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