Ultra-strong bio-material to create lightweight structures

A team led by Daniel Söderberg from the KTH Royal Institute of Techonology based in Stockholm, has shared news of work taking place on artificial cellulose fibres said to be stronger than steel and spider silk. Considered to be the strongest bio-based material, it is bio-degradable due to being made up of CNF (cellulose nanofibres): CNF create the structure for wood and other plant life organisms.

After research, the team have found a production method which can convert these nanofibres into macroscopic, lightweight materials that can be used in a variety of ways. Not only can the nanofibres be used as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, it can also be used in the production of aeroplanes, furniture and could potentially be used in the medical field. 

“Our new material even has potential for biomedicine since cellulose is not rejected by your body”, said Söderberg.

You can read more on The Engineer.

Photo Credit: The Engineer 





May 18, 2018



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