Virtual Reality for training at Rolls Royce & Qatar Airways

Rolls-Royce and Qatar Airways have begun investigating ways to bring virtual reality technology into their training programs to help ease the demand of engineers. The number of engineers needed to repair aircraft is rising daily, and could be said to double by 2036. As a result, both companies want to find an innovative way to build skills and refresh skills of aircraft engineers. 

The IntelligentEngine vision uses HTC Vive VR equipment to allow the engineers to become fully immersed in an engineering virtual reality, where they can use touch, sight and sound to separate parts of an engine. 

“We developed a fully-immersive VR version of the engine,” said Moss. “In fact, everything that you can do in real life is remodelled in the engine, so you can take the engine to pieces and re-do the entire training course in VR.” 

“We can now send a member of our training team with a VR kit in a pack that fits into an overhead locker on an aircraft,” said Moss. 

Photo Credit: The Engineer
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April 26, 2019



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